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New Artist: James Keul – Monotypes

Thursday, November 12th, 2009
Monotypes by James Keul

Monotypes by James Keul

Monotypes by James Keul

Monotypes by James Keul

more at:

You’re invited to the L’asso PIZZA PARTY

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

L'asso Pizza Party

We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary by throwing a huge party.  This year with CMJ come to the L’asso Pizza Party Oct. 23rd and 24th from 8-11pm at the PUREVOLUME HOUSE.  Friday night we have performances by L’asso Favorite Bands: Lavalier, Mother of Three and the Bowery Riots. then on SATURDAY at 8pm stand up comedy by NYC’s famous HEART OF DARKNESSS comedy show with performances by world famous: Rob Cantrell, Mike O’rourke, Greg Barris, David Cope and Victor Varnado w/ band Mother of three. Then at 10 special screening of EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE the movie! all free all for you.  plus free pizza and booze.  Come party with us! go to to RSVP. LOCATION 169 Bowery at Collective Hardware.

New L’asso Head Chef Danny Riviera making news

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

L’asso Hires Chef Daniel Riviera to Expand Menu

  • by Daniel Maurer NY MAG’s GRUBSTREET

L’asso Hires Chef Daniel Riviera to Expand Menu

Photo: Hatti Lim

Not content with merely being named the best pizza in Lower Manhattan by the 5 Boro Pizza Tour, L’asso has installed a head chef, Daniel Riviera, in its basement kitchen with the aim of introducing a menu that goes beyond pies and pasta. Riviera — who is Puerto Rican — has been bumping around kitchens in New York and New Jersey since graduating from the New York Art Institute with a degree in culinary arts. A month into his tenure, he’s added one dish to the dinner menu: a skirt steak marinated in primitivo, then grilled and topped with a chimichurri sauce. For $15, it’s served with an arugula salad of shaved Parmesan and aged balsamic. By December, there’ll be five more entrées, including a fish dish and a linguine with littleneck clams, as well as an expanded brunch menu. L’asso isn’t really hurting for customers, but this should help it hold its own against a trio of ambitious newcomers in its immediate vicinity — the Mott, Civetta, and Travertine.

New Artist: Jason Yarmosky

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Jason Yarmonsky

Come and check out the new art

by Jason Yarmosky

L’asso Family

Friday, August 7th, 2009
the ritter family eats the pizza

the ritter family eats the pizza

This is our new add in the ONION. get a copy, cut it out and put it on you’r fridge. These are the Ritter’s. Noah in the middle has been coming to L’asso for a couple of years. He met his wife Clariza, fell in love and ate a lot of slices. Nohli, their little baby, is the product of pure pizza love. She is one of the L’asso Test Babies; eating the pizza while still in the womb and devouring any slice the comes near here ever since. This is another great photo by the one and only world famous Keith Major.  EAT THE PIZZA

Fresh Blossoms from mama

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Zuccini Blossom Pizza

Rob is stealing blossoms from his mother’s house and putting them on pizza.  Check our twitter and we’ll send an update when Rob bring’s them in.  They go right away and we only have enough fresh ones for about 2-3 pies a week.  Right now we’re making it with fresh mozzarella, Gorgonzola,provolone, fresh shaved parmesean, zucchini, zucchini flowers and olive oil.  MAN. My great uncle Pete used to get fresh blossoms from the farmers market, deep fry them and eat em with blue cheese. He was maverick in his field.

Ray Parisi’s Pizza CRAWL

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

This was made by our friend Ray Parisi.  He and some friends went on an nyc pizza crawl. You should do the same.

YouTube Preview Image


Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
Lasso turns 5

L'asso turns 5

We’re 5 years old today! Thank you all our dear L’assonians for being a part of our lives for the last 5 years.  We will be having a celebration at the end of the month and will let you know all about it shortly.  Until then come in and say hello and wish us happy birthday.

This photo was taken by Keith Majors, famous NYC photographer and L’asso patron. You may have seen him as a guest host and photographer on America’s Next Top Model.

L’asso on Bobby Flay’s THROWDOWN

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

We were on the original episode of Bobby Flay’s THROWDOWN on the food network. They used the restaurant to film their pizza throwdown. This isnt us competing against flay but we finally found the footage and it was all shot inside L’asso.

YouTube Preview Image


Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


We now have Meatballs up and going:
After 5 years Rob’s mom, through a sacred ceremony including chanting and proclamations of secrecy, passed onto him her recipe for meatballs. They are delicious and should be ingested in the near future. Get’ em on pizza, pasta,  by themselves or on a sandwhich.

$8 for a meatball sandwich for lunch. Three meatballs on a Sulliven St. Bakery Panino Roll, L’asso Tomato Sauce and regular mozzarella.  Obie likes it with pickels.  fyi:we  have pickles.

photos by: Joel Barhamand